Now that I’ve started this blog I’ve started exploring the internet world behind event planning much more heavily and I keep coming across the same thing: use Pinterest!  I’d seen it on my facebook time & time again and finally signed up for it, trying to figure out what all the fuss was about.

And then I found myself engulfed in an endless world of the cutest animal pictures, home decor and general girly nonsense I love.  I got why people were so into it once I got the swing of how the whole “pin it” thing worked.  What an exciting waste of time… or was it?  Some of it was completely needless but other stuff was actually somewhat fun and interesting.  It was organic because I was seeing creations people made themselves, people’s ideas.  It wasn’t just a bunch of photoshopped ads designed to make it feel real and to show you what you can do if you have a particular product or service.  It was real because there was a normal-looking person doing it.  And it even seemed like something I could do!  So of course now every business is trying to tap into that organic, grass-roots resource that stems from something really basic: the things we love.

This is a great article from Event Marketer describing how you can start pinterest-ing for your business.

Now I’ve only really used this site once but I plan on going back.  Especially since I found the coolest Italian socks that are made of lace and look good with open-toed heels.  Simply genius!  I also intend to give it a shot for my own endeavors.  I always like to explore social media and while I may not jump on the wagon right away, I still like to play.

So go play with Pinterest too, but remember, when trying to reach you audience go for your audience.  Think about the things you love and why you go back to it all the time.  Then use that to create your campaign.  And then maybe your clients will find you Pinteresting after all.

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