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Once you have a roof over your head (aka a venue), the second-most important thing is the food.  We’ve all experience a bad cafeteria or mass-produced food that tastes second-rate, even at a nice event.  It’s important to impress your guests and make them feel as though each of them is being spoiled — no matter how many guests there are!  This says something about you and your event because people always remember the food and it gives them a good reason to come back (or not come back) the next year.  Paramount Events is a catering service which prides itself in the fresh products and diverse menu options which can help you have a delicious array of unique items that will set you apart.  
Just how great is Paramount Events and why should you use them for your next Chicago event?  I got the 411 from Brittany Nicholson, Catering Coordinator.

TheChicagoEventPlanner (TCEP): There are a lot of catering companies in Chicago, what do you think differentiates yourself from other caterers?

Paramount Events (PE): To set us apart from other off-premise catering companies we have restaurant partnerships with some of Chicago’s best dining establishments such as The Purple Pig, Francesca’s, Heaven on Seven, Piccolo Sogno and Divante Enoteca.  Say you are marrying the love of your life and your first date was at Francesca’s, we could recreate your favorite dish from the restaurant for your wedding.

TCEP: Your description is about customized catering.  How customized could someone make a menu?  Will you create an entirely new dish for a client?
PE: Absolutely, we do whatever we can to make sure our clients get what they are looking for. 
TCEP: Quality of food is always important.  I know that you make your food fresh daily — do you prepare any of the food on-site?  Particularly for morning events?
 PE: We prepare everything on-site, if the client has a hot breakfast we do make that on-site but if its breads and pastries, those are not made on-site.
TCEP: How far would you cater out an event?  Do you have a limit on distance within the Chicago area?
PE: We can go wherever you need us to go!
TCEP: Do you specialize in or can easily work with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or any allergy-related foods?
PE: We can easily accommodate all of the above for any type of event
TCEP: How soon should someone be contacting you if they need an event catered?  Do you have a maximum or minimum number you will prepare for?
PE: It depends on the magnitude of the event but we can turn around an event as soon as you need us to!  We’ve done events for 5-5,000 people and any number in between.
TCEP: What is something you definitely wouldn’t do?
PE: There is nothing we won’t do or try to do for that matter when it comes to catering!
TCEP: Who is your ideal client?
PE: We love all kinds of clients.  When a client comes in and allows us to use our creativity that is always fun!
TCEP: Do you have any suggestions or advice for someone, perhaps a bride, who is unfamiliar with catering and doesn’t know where to start?
PE: Know your budget and don’t rely on the internet.  The internet can be misleading when it comes to planning a wedding.  Also, think of a restaurant that you and fiancé like and think of possible menu items to present to caterer.


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