Simple Summer Treat: Haagen Dasz with Berries

One of my favorite desserts is Haagen Dasz Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Berries.  Not only is it delicious but it creates a colorful & flavorful display that can be as simple or elegant as you’d like.  The difference?  How you present it.  I chose to display this dessert in a wine glass.  It’s simple, it also allows for smaller portion sizes which is nice if you have a large party and don’t want your guests feeling privy to giant bowls of ice cream.  If you choose Haagen Dasz it is heavier and quite filling so you really don’t need a lot.  The berries accent with a crisp, fresh flavor and summer flare. Depending on your event you can make it as basic as setting a pre-designed bowl, cup or glass in front of your guests or provide your guests with a choice of ice cream and set out various types of berries so your guests can choose as they please.

Ingredients (per serving):
1 Cup Haagen Dasz Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
1 Cup Mixed Berries (Raspberry, Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberry — whatever you want!)

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