Network Like a Pro Using LinkedIn

Despite what you often hear, Social Media isn’t good for only marketing to clients.  It’s an excellent way to see what’s already out there, what is relevant and who’s doing it.  Personally I love LinkedIn for that reason.  I can find professionals in the field and connect with them — individuals I may not have come to know otherwise. If I can’t learn about a topic directly from LinkedIn I can find sources where I can hone in on a subject.  For an event planner this is key.  BizBash has a great group with discussions and forums that facilitate inspiring ideas.  The groups you join all line up on your profile like the extra curriculars on a resume.  As an internet lover, I find that LinkedIn is essential for professionals.  It shows that you are current, it displays your skills, your interests, your experiences and even better, it gives people the opportunity to back you up with its recommendation segments.

This article from  discusses  Social Media for meeting planners and is a great example of how Social Media impacts business.

So if you haven’t dived into all the possibilities of LinkedIn, sit down and do it today!

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