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So I’m just gonna be upfront — today’s my birthday so I decided I should do something cake related.  One of my friends really loves cupcakes and my other friend has decided to use cupcakes for her wedding.  They’re kind of a big deal.  And so is Sprinkes, a luxurious cupcake bakery located in the Gold Coast on 50 E Walton Street (between Michigan Ave & Rush St.).  They have loads of amazing flavors and you can get them delivered or just order a whole bunch of them for $3.50 a piece.  I realize that’s not cheap, but they’re also no ordinary cupcakes.  In addition to their wide variety of flavors they have gluten-free and even vegan options which means you really can go with any of your friends!

Cupcake Tower from Sprinkles
My friend who’s getting married explained to me that they have a cake cutting fee of $3 per person unless they want someone from the party to cut the cake themselves.  Or you could just do cupcakes and Bam! Done!  You can get a variety of flavors and people can just grab them.  I always approve of giving your guests options and I think it’s an excellent idea.  No one wants to have guests work during a celebration to save money, and while $3 doesn’t seem like a ton, when you’re considering adding that to your per person cost for even as few as 100 people.  Well I’d rather put that $300 towards better wine than an evenly-sliced piece of cake myself.
So go ahead, indulge today and go eat a cupcake — for me!


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