Weekend Barbecue with Lillie’s Q

Nothing says summer like a barbecue, and that’s exactly what Lillie’s Q in Wicker Park does so well.  My food expert friend Rachel took me there for my birthday and it was a fun atmosphere (the tables are very close together as many restaurants are in the city) and the food was amazing.  I tried every sauce they had and for the first time in my life I said “These are all good!”  The service was good, the people were friendly and the food was phenomenal.  They have an excellent selection of beverages as well.  So not only is this place an excellent choice for dinner but they also cater.  They have a menu that can accomodate a variety of health choices (seafood & meat are available) and you can have a fun event with great food.  To learn more, visit their website at http://lilliesq.com/

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