Group Travel in Chicago with the Chicago Water Taxi

Chicago has excellent public transit.  Many people like myself who live in the Chicago area don’t even own cars.  One of my personal favorite means of transportation is the Chicago Water Taxi.  You can take this from Chinatown to downtown.  It’s only $3 per way per person or $7 per person for unlimited daily use. They even  have group travel options that allow you to charter your own water taxi.   During the summer this is the best way to get around if you’re staying it the downtown area and are traveling anywhere between Chinatown and Michigan Avenue, especially when you consider you’re charged about $3 just to get in a cab, not to mention the cool breeze of the water and the lack of traffic congestion.  I used to just hop on it during my lunch breaks and just enjoy a sandwich and amazing views of the city.  It’s not a tour boat, but who doesn’t love an afternoon boat ride?

So next time you wonder how to get people around, think about get them a water taxi!

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