Smart Phones, Social Media & Why You Should Know About It

You don’t have to love social media, the internet or anything technologically related to be an event planner, but you do need to be willing to incorporate it.  Especially if you’re involved in B2B events, public events, non-profit/fundraising, etc.  This study, The Smartphone Consumer 2012 (click on the slide show) is proof of why. Here are some interesting stats found in the study:

  • Only 12% of the US population does not own a cell phone.  Of the remaining 88%, half own smart phones.
  • Within the past year, the number of people who own smart phones has increased 40% with the Android being the most popular and the iPhone coming in at 2nd.
  • Smartphone ownership is even between men (49%) and women (51%).
  • 20% of smartphone users listen to music with their phones while at work.
  • Smartphone users are more likely to have their phones next to them at nearly all times.
  • 30% of smartphone users also own some form of a tablet
  • Smartphone owners spend as much time on their phones as they do watching television.
  • 76% of smartphone users go through facebook to connect with a brand or product.  71% of individuals with smartphones are likely to post status updates as compared to 51% who do not have smartphones.
  • People with smartphones check their facebook an average of 5x a day and have about 2x the number of friends as those without it.

In addition to the facts, I can’t even count the number of people I see wandering around the streets, trying to find a location on their phone.  The last time I took MegaBus, nearly every single person at the Chicago stop used their phone to provide their confirmation number/boarding pass (compared with Toledo where most people had paper print outs — a fact I found interesting when comparing urban and suburban areas).  As for that 40% increase, I believe it.  I finally talked my aunt into an iPhone (she previously had a razr) and she loves it!  Most everyone I know uses their phones to find things, get to places or even do a little research.

So if you’re still not convinced that the internet, social media and mobile devices are relevant to you, think of it this way: if someone is looking for something to do, don’t you want them to consider your event as a possible choice?

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