Take the DIY Approach for Any Event

Part of the reason Pinterest is so popular is not just because you can focus on things you like, but because the things you like can be something you have especially if you’re willing to make it yourself.  The growing world of Do-It-Yourself is wonderful because it makes an activity available to anyone.  It also can be cost-effective and fun.  There’s a very organic feel to the DIY process: it’s accessible, inclusive, creative and personal; it’s whatever you make it.  This approach is also a great way to freshen up an annual event, interact for product-based events and giving a professional event a fun and organic touch.  Here are some examples:

DIY an Annual Corporate Event or Professional Event
If you’re doing the same dinner with the same people every year, chances are you know them very well.  Take the opportunity to take an annual event like an employee appreciation luncheon and do something new.  Add some color, change up the menu and get a theme.  If everyone loves a tv show or movie make that a theme.  Center it around the people and their interests.  DIY means finding something you like and making it your own.  Create a game based on your theme and include prizes, have a team-building activity.  It doesn’t have to be an over-the-top deviation from last year, all Popsicle sticks, cheerios and glue-stick like.  Your prizes can range from favorite candy bars to gift cards (try to keep the gifts fun, relevant and most importantly something they will actually use).  Taking the DIY approach to your event will help keep your event fun but also more personalized.  Take that time to acknowledge people who are often ignored — present something to give to the cleaning staff, maybe even the mail (wo)man who somehow gets all your stuff out even after 5 o’clock.  Make the effort to be inclusive and personal and you will see the effect all year long!

Product-Based Events
DIY is perfect for anyone trying to sell something.  Letting guests help create the party is half the fun!  If you’re dealing with food, let guests use your products to make food that everyone can try and hold a contest for the best item.  From designing objects to place around the room, to simply making things with your products, you can not only let your guests be interactive with your events and also get some feedback on your products.  See what people gravitate towards, how they react & interact all while engaging them.

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