RM Champagne Salon

All Photographs by Derek Richmond


RM Champagne Salon: The name alone sounds pretty fabulous.  The concept is also great  – a cozy yet classy establishment with great wines and champagnes complemented by small plates, cheeses and salad options.  There’s a lovely outside brick courtyard patio to enjoy the late summer evenings.  Alyssa Stark, the Events Manager of both RM & the sister restaurant, Nellcôte, gave me a tour and of course the skinny on how to host your next first-class event with them.
Private Space
RM Champagne Salon is one open space plus the outdoor area so any private event would most likely be a buyout.  For a seated event you could have 60-80 people, 125 standing.  They are new and still working with possibilities so with the outside probably 150+ for a standing cocktail event.
They are looking at semi-private options with half of the indoor space which could accommodate 25-30 guests.


Small plates, salads are served but the focus is on wines & Champagne.  There aren’t entrees like in a standard restaurant.  This makes this location ideal for a light evening dinner or a refined meet-up with friends or colleagues, and even perhaps a nice start to a celebratory evening or a great way to end it.
For private events you can work with Alyssa on building a menu to provide more of a dinner atmosphere for your guests.


RM Champagne Salon is right next to Nellcôte and is in the tres chic West Loop just off of Randolph at 116 N Green St.  The entry way is down the picturesque cobblestone ally, so knowing it’s sister restaurant is next door is a good way to be sure you didn’t make a wrong turn!

If you want to host an event with RM Champagne Salon, you can reach Alyssa at 312.432.0500 or email her at astark@nellcoterestaurant.com

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