Corri McFadden for Gateway Green’s Annual Fundraiser: OfficeMax’s Green Tie Ball

Have you ever realized that the Chicago expressways always seem to be very clean?  Did you know that it’s not government, but rather private organizations maintaining it?  Chicago Gateway Green beautifies expressways with plants and sculptures while keeping them clean.   Hundreds of thousands of plant life have been added through the years, increasing the standard of Chicago living; and needless to say, projects like this don’t get funded on their own.  This year OfficeMax is sponsoring The 21st Annual Green Tie Ball which helps raise funds for Gateway Green, an event co-chaired by Corri McFadden whose new VH1 hit show House of Consignment, is based on her amazing luxury business eDrop-Off.  Although she’s busy preparing for NY Fashion Week, Corri took some time to tell me more about why you should attend this incredible event happening Saturday, September 15th at Finkl & Son’s at 2011 N Southport.

Corri McFadden, Owner & Founder of eDrop-Off

The Chicago Event Planner (TCEP): How early in advance do you start planning this event?
Corri McFadden (CM): As soon as one is completed, they start planning the next year.

TCEP: What was the inspiration for this year’s Alice in Wonderland theme?
CM: When I signed on they had already chosen the theme but I really liked what they were planning to do with it.

TCEP: Is it just going to be some pictures, sculptures?  Do you know how they intend to make it different?
CM: You’re supposed to feel like you’re in Alice and Wonderland.  There will be scenery changes, wall art, illusions — things will move around like they do in Wonderland.  It’s meant to be a very memorable place.

TCEP: That sounds awesome!  Are you using and event company to help organize this event?
CM: Yes, we are using Absolute Productions.

TCEP: Are you looking for any volunteers? Would there be opportunities for recent grads or people who are looking to gain more event planning experience to help with the function this year or in the future?
CM: Absolutely!  We are always looking for volunteers.  This year we were looking for around a hundred and we are still looking for a handful for set up and donations.  There are silent and live auctions too.  If anyone is interested they can contact Gateway Green at 312.540.9930

TCEP: What is your fundraising goal for the year?
CM: Last year $379,000 was raised and this year we’re hoping to raise $500,000 or more!

TCEP: Are there any specific projects that this fundraiser is aiming to help?
CM: The Expressway Partnership Project.  Last year over 115,000 pounds of plants and trees were planted and all of it was privately funded.  Much of the work they do is unseen.  Ever notice how there’s no trash around?  They clean that, they are responsible for a lot of the beautifying that you see but don’t think about.

TCEP: Are there ways for those who can’t attend to still participate?
CM: You can always make a donation to Chicago Gateway Green and you can of course purchase tickets on the website.

TCEP: What can attendees be most excited about?
CM: There’s great entertainment lined up for the evening.  Pete Wentz and DJ Rock City will be performing.  There will also be great food from Chicago restaurants and a casino tent sponsored by Rivers Casino.  Rivers Casino is sponsoring a raffle as well.

TCEP: Will you be there?
CM:  I will be there, up on stage.  Get a ticket and come say hi!

If you would like to get tickets or make a donation to the event, click here.

I would especially like to than Corri for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk about this event.  Visit her website for eDrop-Off or visit a store front at either Lincoln Park or Gold Coast.


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