Using Free Operational Tools is Okay Too.

Money is important, but so is time.  There are many ways to operate businesses, interact with clients, vendors, etc. and to achieve the things you need every day.   Programs can cost lots of money in addition to the people it takes to maintain it.  If you’re part of a bigger business, that’s just part of doing business, but what about the little guys?  When it comes to operation, I don’t think having all the flashy stuff is terribly important.  If you can find something that works, then do it.  Part of why I love the internet is not just for social media, but you can educate yourself and learn about so many things and then do it yourself.  Recently, the company I work for was looking to get an internet management account.  They mentioned how pricey things were so I emailed our Director at corporate and said “why don’t you use Hootsuite?  It’s free for small accounts and not very expensive to add more.”  She’d never heard of it but said she’d look into it.  I haven’t heard back about the final choice –chances are they are still deliberating — but I think it proves an important fact:  Less can be more, or at least the same.  So before you think you need to spend a bunch of money on products, programs and systems for your business, do a little research and ask around and potentially save yourself some money.  If it’s in the budget, allocate it for something for your employees, or additional promotion or reinvestment into the company.  Take the time to recognize what you need, be organized about it and think what would help you function at your best.

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