Throw an Art-Themed Party or Event

There’s something very New York chic in the idea of a Gallery event.  Wine and light fare mixed with high ceilings and artwork.  Well, we can’t let New York have all the fun.  So today I’m encouraging you to do something less Chicago-style deep-dish and more artsy ala The Met.  While I normally shy from trendy things because they tend to be so here and gone, I do think it’s good to create an atmosphere that’s different and fun.  Art never goes away, it just changes.  Parties never go away either, so just change it a little.

Mars Gallery, Chicago (West Loop)

Step 1. Venue
It’s best if the venue has white walls to compliment an art gallery theme, but it isn’t necessary.  (Here is a great list of Chicago Galleries) If you’re not actually having a gallery opening, you aren’t focusing entirely on the art.  Red walls, blue walls…whatever gives your event a funky feel is a good start.  You could also go the classy route and look for a mansion or classic, old-building style place. For a modern look, a warehouse/loft space is great.  There are lots of venues as listed on yelp here.

If you’re doing this in your own residence, I doubt you’ll want to repaint the walls so just skip to Step 2.

Recreate your product/logo like an Andy Warhol

Step 2. Decor
Whatever space this is you will want to make it feel as gallery-like as possible if it isn’t already.  If you are working with a gallery, make it as focused as possible.  Why are you having this event?
If it’s business try to see if you can incorporate an “artistic” version of logos & products in with the art.  Maybe even pictures of employees and/or clients.  Be humorous or serious — either way it’s an opportunity to be creative!
If this is a party in a residence, the first step is to create as much open space as possible which will probably require moving some furniture.  Depending on the size of the place and how many people will be attending, you will mostly likely want to condense furniture locations — you still want to have some seating available, but you don’t want it taking up your wall space.  Form squares with your furniture with it all facing each other.
For either residential or gallery events, you can also incorporate different artistic options using TVs for imagery.  You can do slide shows or various creations — if you want to do something on your laptop, you can hook it up to a TV using an HDMI cord.  (Click here to learn how to hook it up.  If you don’t have an HDMI cable you can get one from

Step 3. Details
This is really the fun part.  Get into the little details that best work for why you’re holding this event and make it your own.  Things like palettes for name tags, naming the drinks after famous artists (I’ll have the Van Gogh Cosmo and my friend here would like the Salvador Dali Martini),  Artsy Guessing Games, even creating coloring books that can be based on whatever you are doing for the evening.  But let’s not forget –Food Art!  You can always add art if it’s a residence.  Get museum-style prints from or check out who gives you the option of framed imagery.

There are some many options and ideas for an art-themed party or event that I could go on forever!  But instead, I will let you be creative, but you can always reach out to me for help, ideas or to help you throw it.  (See my contact info below.)


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