Fly Your Clients on a Private Jet


I caught this great article from Thrillist called “Private Jets You Can Sort of Afford”  The list includes JetSuite, Desert Jet, XOJet, Clay Lacy Aviaition and  Black Jet with some of the shorter flights as low as $1000 for planes that seat at least 6.  When you think about that, it’s a better deal than a standard flight at the per person rate and it’s real fancy! 

As event planners we are always being challenged with coming up with new and creative ideas for our clients.  I wanted to include this article because I think it’s important to show that great event planners don’t always “come up” with new ideas, but know how to implement ideas.  One of my bosses always said to me “It’s your job to be a resource.”  He said it all the time and he was right.  When you are the person who is orchestrating any kind of event you need to be able to listen to your clients and give them options — introduce them to things they may not even know they want.  While some of these private jets are last-minute deals, for a bit more money you can book a flight.  What better way to impress your client’s and your clients’ clients than to fly them all out (or in) on a private jet together? Now that I’ve read this article, I’ve realized that this is an option with costs that are surprisingly within many of my clients’ budgets.  In fact, depending on what they typically spend and where they go it may even be more cost effective for groups.

So there you have it.  When in doubt, take a private jet.  Or at least suggest it. 

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