10 Ways To Know You’re a Great Event Planner

You're a Rock Star, man!
You’re a Rock Star, man!

1. Coming prepared means you showed up with more than a pen and duct tape.  You have a back up outfit in your car.

2. You know your vendors and can get a client anything they ask for.

3. The only thing better than a challenging client is a challenging client with no more questions or requests because “well, that covers everything.”

4. Completed check lists make you feel like Christmas morning.

5. The Christmas/Holiday season does not make you feel like Christmas morning.

6. Friends ask your advice on anything celebratory or party-like.  And you love it!

7. You can’t help but straighten or fix every display you pass in a store. (“Does anyone even WORK here?”)

8. You ask for a catering menu even when you’re out for dinner with friends.

9. You take your business cards out on a Friday night… and get rid of no less than half of them.

10. Standard business hours don’t apply to your life.

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