Hot or Not: Trends VS Wants


As Event Planners it’s our job to provide clients with phenomenal ideas while executing a flawless event.  But at what point do we dive too far into the world of possibilities?  This can be more challenging than it sounds at times because we attend conferences, networking events, join committees and organizations, read articles and do all the educating good event planners are supposed to do.  So after that really awesome app demonstration you saw at the last chapter meeting, of course you want to share it with all of your clients but consider whether it’s really for them.


Zoolander_ZebraHairandMakeup You know what looks good and everyone knows it! Your clients come to you because they know you have that magic touch that takes their event to the next level.  So go ahead with your bad self and wow them!  Don’t be afraid to approach your clients with relevant ideas.  As long as you aren’t calling them with something new every other day and your suggestions pertain to what they are doing, most clients appreciate your thoughts.  You’re there for a reason so be sure to remind them why they hired you in the first place.  Implement new technology, add some up-lighting, get an ice sculpture!  Just stay in the budget and they will love you.


what-do-you-want-cat  While it’s easy to get carried away, the first place to start is always by asking questions.  Talk to your clients.  Most people have time to discuss their needs, especially if they are reaching out to you, and in fact appreciate that you cared enough to ask.  I am continually shocked at how many establishments (even good ones) have hired “professionals” who don’t ask even the basics  like phone number, emails, “can I send you some of our materials?”  Don’t miss the opportunity to get a client and equally important be sure you know what they want.  Ask why they are hosting the event, what they hope to achieve, who will be in attendance.  These questions will help you get a sense of who they are and what is appropriate to offer them.  It’s not wrong to make suggestions but don’t push the issue if they don’t seem interested, especially if it is going to increase their budget.  You never want your clients to feel gouged or forced into making purchases they don’t want.  While you may make more profit off of the one event, you will also gain a reputation and possibly lose your client in the process.

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