Improve Your Life In Just 10 Minutes a Day


I recently was talking to a good friend of mine who told me that she was really excited with how her week was going.  “Why, what happened?” I asked.  “Well, I started taking 10 minutes out of my day during my lunch hour to start doing little things for me…  You wouldn’t believe all that I have accomplished already in one week!”  “Really?” I asked her.  “Yes!” She replied emphatically.

I think that for many of us, especially event planners, we fill our day with business, networking, being on-site and social activities.  How often do we really take time for ourselves?  My friend is such a great example because she showed me that something is better than nothing.  I know that when it comes to personal goals I am notorious for making giant plans and then being too busy, too tired, too involved with my clients or just too something to getting around to it on a regular basis.  Everything and everyone else comes first.  After all that’s how business goes, right?  But work-life balance is important and sometimes feeling good about yourself doesn’t stem only from an awesome event execution or rock star client meeting.  Sometimes it’s nice to know you mopped the floors, worked on short story or did something you meant to do, oh, 5 years ago.  So tonight after work, make a list of all the things you love to do for yourself and starting tomorrow take 10 minutes to accomplish those goals.  Even moving a tiny notch each day means that at the end of the day, week, month, year you’re further than you were yesterday.  Otherwise, if you stay at zero, you’re guaranteed not to progress.

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