DIY: Holiday Invitations

HolidayCard_EatDrinkBeMerryIt’s that time of year to start sending the invites for the annual holiday party. Hopefully the venue has been secured and the details being fine-tuned. If you know where you are going, what time you’ll be there and who’s attending then it’s time to let everyone know!  However, getting holiday invites can be pricey.  Many companies and individuals are going green and sending email invitations, while others like to keep it traditional.  I believe there are pros and cons to each.  With email invitations you can track your guest list easily while saving paper and money.  However, everyone gets emails all day every day.  Traditional invitations are nice because it’s rare that anyone give a physical card anymore.  People pay more attention to it and appreciate the detail.  Whichever way you want to go is all about what makes sense for you and whoever the invitations are for.  So in the mean time, if you are going to do traditional invitations, you can always check out TinyPrints .  They have great options for personal and professional holiday cards and invites you can customize.

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