10 Ways of Giving (Even During a Holiday Party)

Big Red Holiday BowIt’s important to remember to give back and it doesn’t have to be hard.  Here are 10 ideas to incorporate in your events and holiday plans to help give back to those who need it this year.

1.  Donate a portion of sales to an organization that works with your brand, client or goal of the event

2.  For conventions or other paid entry events, offer a discount to attendees who make a donation, whether it’s bringing in canned food, toys or a monetary donation

3.  Sponsor a family (or multiple families) at your work

4.  Volunteer with a group to visit a nursing home and bring treats

5.  Make cards to send to veterans, elderly and/or kids in the hospital

6.  Reach out to a non-profit or association and find out what they need and how you can work with them to reach their goals

7. Host “feel good” lunch hours to encourage people to participate in whatever project your group is organizing (like making cards) so it doesn’t take much time out of everyone’s busy days

8. “Round Up” – For any event involving sold items, round up the difference on the cost to either the nearest whole dollar of

9.  Sponsor a holiday meal for the homeless

10. Increase the intensity – challenge your competitors to get in on it with you and see which company can make the biggest donation.

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