10 Signs You May Be in the Presence of “Net-twerking”

We know which way “Net-twerking” leads.

Networking is a powerful tool.  It gets your name out there, it gets you business and it gives you the chance to interact with other professionals who aren’t clients or colleagues.  I’ve attended a lot of networking events, especially recently, and it is interesting to see the difference between serious networking events that are very specific versus more social events.  The idea of more casual and social networking is a great one.  I enjoy groups that allow diversified fields to intermingle but this is also something that has lended itself to what I like to call “Net-twerkers”: People who seriously misjudge their behavior while “promoting” themselves.  You can probably imagine where this is going but in case you’re not sure, here are 10 signs that you are in the presence of someone who is “Net-twerking”:

1. There’s no difference between their networking outfit and what they wear at a club

2. They forgot their cards but would be happy to put your number in their phone

3. They ask irrelevant, personal questions like “So, are you married or seeing anyone?”

4. There’s always a drink in their hands and it’s a strong one

5. They are trying to get you to drink with them whether you want to or not

6. They suggest you come with them “somewhere after this!”

7. You see them lurking towards all of the good-looking people they can find while shooting glances to all their former chat-ees across the room

8. They’re the last person there at the end of the event…or at the night for that matter

9. Chances are someone’s going to have to call them a cab

10.  You actually see them twerking… on a table.

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