4 Reasons Why Events Are More Than Just a Party

In the past decade, the field of event planning has grown exponentially.  Certifications and organizations have developed in addition to the fact that it is now a legitimate college major.  A lot of people tend to think it’s an easy, fun job and while it can be, a good event planner has to be just as creative and business savvy as everyone else.  Events have the potential to mean a lot to a business.  A good event speaks volumes about who you are, what you do, how you do it and how you relate to your attendees.  To further explain, here are 4 reasons why events are more than just parties!

1. Events can be educational.  Not all events have to have floofy hors d’oeurves and the hottest DJ.  I tend to group meeting planners under the umbrella of event planners because we are all orchestrating something, but aside from flashy parties, events can include things like an educational luncheon.  This can be for employees or clients.  For example, if you are a technology company, what better way to demonstrate your latest product than incorporating it into an event?  A good event planner will come up with fun and interesting ways to implement your latest and greatest to current and future clients.

2. Events can be an extension of marketing.  One of the more interesting forms of marketing I remember hearing about was when Charmin took their newest product and set up nice bathrooms in Times Square for travelers to “experience”.  This was marketing, but it also required off-site creation and development.  It was allowing everyone to truly experience what they were offering in a fun way.  It’s a product everyone uses and if you’ve ever been to Time Square, you know that finding a bathroom isn’t always easy.  It’s an incredibly relevant and creative event to imbed the name of your product in the mind of consumers.

3. Events are an extension of your business.  Companies hold events for lots of reasons.  Whether it’s marketing, educational or celebratory, events can really be a temporary extension of your business.  This is often reflected in things like trade shows or conferences but if you think of events as a tool for your business, you see how the right event planner can add a lot of value to your company.

4. Events help build your community.  Whether you are literally putting on an event in your community or putting one on for clients or employees, events are a great way to interact.  They way in which you interact with people defines how they feel about you.  When you put on fun events, treat people to special activities and just go the extra mile it builds a reputation.  Your reputation lets both employees and future clients know if they can trust you and if they should considering your business.  In the community, people appreciate companies that give back and develop a positive relationship with more than just employees and clients.  Events are what media likes to report about and give a reason for people to be interested in who you are and what you do. 


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