Dress Up Your Table for the Holiday

Being festive is really fun but can also be exhausting — especially when you are really busy.  As event planners, many of us entertain and when we do, people expect to be impressed.  One way to easily blow your guests away for any event are beautiful table settings.  Anyone can put a bowl of chips on a 6’x6′ so accentuate the little details to show your guests they are in for a treat.  Here are some great examples of how to Dress Up a Table this Holiday Season.


ChristmasDinnerTable-GingerbreadHouseswithCandlesWhile admittedly, this may be over-the-top for a lot of people, the idea of adding beautiful, edible centerpieces that are holiday-specific is one that is fun and eye catching.


Click on the image to find sets like these at Pier One

Nothing looks messier faster than a cluster of color and styles.  If you want to go with something more classic, use plain, bold colors with gold or silver accents.  Or be more fun and casual like this place setting on the left.  Note how it’s red and green and a set pattern.  Make sure that what you’re putting together goes together!

ADD CANDLESPlaceSettings-CandlesonTable

Candles are an easy way to dress up any table.  Whether you decide to do votives or taller candles you can quickly elevate the feel at any table with both real or electric candles.  (Many people are using electric candles as a safer way to set a scene.)




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