BBJ Creates Easy, New Design App for Event Planners


Event planners are always looking for the latest and greatest to be better at what they do while impressing their clients. Knowing that, BBJ Linen, one of the top linen rental companies in not just Chicago but the nation, has developed a free app for the iPad that not only certifies why they are at the top of their game, but makes event planners look pretty savvy.
I spoke with Tina Summerfield, The Executive Director of Sales, who gave me more insight on the app. She told me that BBJ had noticed that many people were accessing the BBJ Linen website through their iPad which lead BBJ to research deeper into what their clients needed. The result: the BBJ App was born. The app has a virtual design center which allows you to create an entire tablescape using every type of linen product and color that BBJ offers including table linen, runners, napkins, chair covers and chairs. To make the experience as realistic as possible, there are six background options to choose from in which to place your tablescapes in: grass (outdoor), room with wood flooring, room with carpeting, room with wood flooring and a daytime cityscape, room with carpeting and a daytime cityscape, and a room with carpeting with a night time cityscape. There is also toggle which will allow the user to adjust the lighting overall to make the experience complete. Finally, you can save and post your virtual creations through social media and send them via email.

“There are many exciting features about this app including the Live Chat,” Tina told me. This means that while you are using the app to create a design before your client’s eyes, you can instantaneously get all questions answered immediately and on the spot during business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 AM CST to 10:00 PM CST, and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST) by accessing the “Live Chat” option on the app. The BBJ design experts can give you design ideas, check availability, give you pricing information, and even order the linen for you.
BBJ_AppArticle_ProductDetailsAvailability of product photos and product details on the iPad makes it easier to be creative with your clients while simulating a virtual experience of what your clients can expect. Not only does it make you look like an event planning pro, but it helps your client feel more confident in what they are getting. And, if you weren’t sold just yet, the best part is that this app is free! So if you are an event planner and you don’t have it yet, get it!
BBJ is already working on version 2 of this successful app which will include a photo gallery and more updated options. So be on the lookout!

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