5 Tips for Hosting Your Own Party

It’s sometimes easier to do things for other people and see how it should be done than when it’s time for you to do it for yourself.  Event planning can be one of those things.  You may put together an awesome client event, meeting, trade show or film premier, but sometimes when it comes to yourself that’s harder.  So this year, be prepared to plan ANY event -including your own- with these 5 tips.

1. Focus on Your Guests

Your guests should be the focal point of your event – yes, even if it’s FOR you – because they are the ones who will decide whether they will hang out with again and they are creating the atmosphere.  If no one is having fun, it’s a bad party.  Think about what the people are you inviting like to do and what is a great way to encourage group involvement – especially if it’s people who don’t all know each other

2. Have Food

It’s a rare event where you don’t have food.  Even if you aren’t providing alcohol or all beverages, part of hosting guests is providing food for them.  You don’t have to have Wolfgang Puck cater a 10 course meal, but make sure there is plenty available to eat.

3. Good and Appropriate Music

This is part of paying attention to your guests.  If Grandma’s gonna be there, 99 Problems probably isn’t the track you wanna play (beware of those Pandora Stations).  Music is necessary at any party so make sure that the type of music fits the event and that it’s good!  I’ve seen music ruin the mood of well organized parties.  Remember good music doesn’t just mean what you like, it means choosing music that will create the right energy for your guests.

4. Have Fun Yourself

While you need to make sure you greet and attend to all of your guests, you also need to be enjoying the party. After all, it is yours!

5. Make Sure All Information Is Clear

Depending on the party, your invites can be a basic group email to a formal invitation.  It’s good to create a facebook page with all of the details including time, location, if your guests should be bringing something, or if they should be wearing something in particular (i.e. a black & white party or even an ugly sweater party).  It’s good to make information available in more than one place by incorporating social media outlets.  Then make sure you include everything so that it’s fool proof!

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