5 Things to do this Valentine’s Day

ImageSome people love Valentine’s Day, some people hate it.  I’m kind of in between myself.  There’s all those terrible facebook statuses that make me want to unfriend at least 50% of people, but there’s also candy, cards, fancy dinners and hopefully acts of kindness.  That being said, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for annoying couples who think everyone else wants to see the 12 selfies they took in 1 hour of what probably would have been the best dinner ever had they not taken 12 selfies.  Valentine’s Day is about love, and love is for everyone – whether you are single or happily devoted to your other half.  So here are some ideas on how you can show some love this Valentine’s Day.


Chances are you know someone who could really use a Valentine.  It doesn’t have to be your “crush” (this is NOT 4th grade) but perhaps someone you work with, someone you see on the train every day, your usual server at your favorite restaurant, a neighbor…anyone.  You can still have your regular Valentine, but make an effort to improve another person’s day.  Give them a card, some candy or even a gift card to let them know they’re thought of.


Every office activity is best when there is a prize to be won.  So think of what people in your office like best:  Beer, a big bowl of candy, pizza? This Valentine’s Day, get your whole office into the spirit by creating a challenge, like an ugly Valentine’s Day Sweater Contest.


Valentine’s Day seems to be a holiday where people really like to get out their cookie cutters and bring in heart shaped cookies.  Or Cupcakes.  Whatever.  So yes, do that because secretly everyone loves it – even though they kinda hate it.  (So tasty, yet so bad for you!)


People love grandiose gestures and what better way to finally ask out the person you’ve been facebook/twitter/instagram/snapchat stalking for months than by getting some flowers (or some bacon)Image and asking them out.  Just make sure your stalking lets you know whether they’re seeing anyone right now cuz let’s be honest – that would suck.


What better way to share your love with someone that having a puppy or kitten together.  So many animals need love (ever walk by the anit-cruelty society and managed not to cry either on the inside or the out?).  If you’ve been thinking about bringing home a little furry one, perhaps now’s the time.

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