DIY Recipe: Italian Style Red Potatoes

ImageEnjoy this easy, tasty recipe!


3 Cups Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 lb bag of Red Potatoes

1/2 Cup Italian Seasoning

5 Tablespoons Sea Salt

5 Tablespoons Cracked Black Pepper

3 Table Spoons Worcestershire Sauce


Heat oven to 425 degrees over while preparing ingredients

Clean & chop potatoes in 1/4 – 1/6 pieces, depending on the size of the potatoes, set aside in a mixing bowl

Mix 2 Cups of Olive Oil with Italian seasoning, sea salt, cracked black pepper and Worcestershire sauce.  Pour mixture over chopped potatoes and mix well so it is evenly spread throughout.

Place remaining cup of olive oil along the bottom of the pan. Pour potatoes into pan and cover with aluminum foil.  Place into the oven and cook approximately 30 minutes or to desired texture.


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