Crazy Successful

Just about every person has been through the “what are your strengths and weaknesses? What qualities do you have that will make you successful?”  We ask ourselves this all the time.  I love reading articles on successful people and observing exceptional, professional individuals.  It would seem like they are completely organized, on top of things and know what they want. I like to observe their qualities and characteristics — how they approach situations and talk to people. It almost doesn’t seem normal to be soooo put together.  I was reading this description of the skills a good event planner has: extremely  organized, multi-tasking, time management, creative, problem solver, people person, excellent communication (speaking & writing) and great with budgets.  Does this person even exist?  I once read article about how creative people are most like mentally-ill people than the “normal”, more analytical types.  I’ve always been told I’m really creative which I found interesting seeing as my sister is mentally handicapped.  Cleanliness & organization are always praised, yet when I walk into someone’s house who has not a thing out of place or dirty I kind of wonder what’s wrong with them and I’m scared to sit on their couch.

Another interesting notion I’ve come across is the concept that some of the most successful people are sociopaths.  They care nothing about other people and therefore can easily bypass the emotional aspects that keep most people from making more, oh, moral and ethical decisions that may not be the most profit-driven.  A lack of need for personal relationships doesn’t hold them back like it would me.  (So no, despite my best efforts after reading about this topic, I am NOT a sociopath.)  This article was very interesting.  

So what’s this got to do with event planning?  Well it’s more of a professional observation overall.  The next time you are convinced your boss in completely nuts, take comfort in the fact that he or she just might be.  The next time you feel like you could have done more, keep in mind that half of those “geniuses” are not only odd, but they snap.  And if you don’t believe me or the articles, watch Aviator (if you haven’t already).  It’s about Howard Hughes and how he is one of the most astonishingly successful men of his time…and he’s a little loose upstairs.  I still remember a scene where he (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) washes his hands so many times in a row they crack and start bleeding.  Totally freaked me out which is why I still remember it (Just put the soap down! I kept thinking).  So while evaluating what it means to even be “successful” make sure the requirements to get there don’t make you unstable.

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