Tips to Prepare For…Ok, Survive Lolla

LollaLogo2014Lolla is this weekend – one of the biggest concert festival events in the world each year.  Hotels will be booked, restaurants packed and the streets flooded.  So this is what you need to know to prepare (but really survive) the weekend!

Plan Out Where You’re Going

It’s going to be a madhouse anywhere near Grant Park.  So if you know there are things you want to do, plan ahead and know that if restaurants and bars even bother to take reservations, you better do it now.  Or, be adventurous and try to have dinner/meals in another area of the city like the West Loop or Uptown.

Double Your Travel Time.  At Least

Anywhere near Grant Park will be nearly impossible to navigate.  Public transit will be jammed, roads will be blocked and parking won’t exist – even in parking garages, most likely.  So plan on walking a lot and at least doubling the amount of time it will take you to get anywhere

Pack Like You’ll Get Stranded

If you’re actually attending Lolla, make sure that you carry water and snacks around because it could take you awhile to get anywhere.  Make sure to bring the necessities but keep it light.   Also, while there is loads of security, your stuff could get stolen or lost- it’s a lot of people and a lot of non-sober activity that can happen.  Never take all your cash, credit cards or IDs with you at all times.  Bring a back up of each and leave it in your hotel just in case – including a spare set of keys if you have them.

Stay Away Local Pedestrian!

If you’re a local, consider this your friendly reminder that it’s Lolla weekend and cancel your plans to have your relatives or friends come in town if they’re not going and just stay the eff away.  You’re welcome.

Go To Afterparties

The great thing about Lolla is that is brings so many acts to Chicago and they usually host after-parties or do additional events at local spots.  To see which of your favorite artists will be around this weekend, use your BandsInTown App or sign up for it now.  I have to admit I was pretty excited to see that Iggy Azalea will be at Studio Paris Friday night. 

For more information on Lollapalooza, such as ticket pricing & availability and the lineup, check out their website:

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