Drink of the Month: Wansas Tequila 21 Cocktail

Wansas 21 Cocktail



2 oz Wansas Reposado

1⁄4 oz Grapefruit Juice

1 Fresh Squeezed Lemon

1⁄4 oz Simple Syrup

1⁄4 St. Germaine

1 Basil Leaf

Try this tasty cocktail from the new, ultra-premium tequila Wansas.  It is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave from the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Wansas Blue Weber Agave is cooked in enclave ovens that are made from the mineral rich clay and soil from the surrounding regions to compliment the Blue Weber Agave without changing the unique flavors.

About Wansas

D.C Crenshaw, Emmy Nominated Executive Producer, Food & Lifestyle Personality has partnered with 312 Spirits, a new Chicago spirits company, to introduce Wansas Tequila to the world.  Wansas uses ancient stone milling techniques to crush the Blue Weber Agave plants after they are harvested. This allows for the Blue Weber Agave to retain its valuable characteristics and sweetness so these bouquets can be released from the plant during the cooking process. Wansas is double distilled in copper vats, which means that the tequila retains a lot of its natural flavors from the agave plants. After the first distillation we taste our “juice” to confirm the perfect flavor. We complement the process with florals and minerals from the surrounding region to maintain perfection and proceed to the final distillation. Using copper vats instead of stainless steel naturally imparts hints of vanilla, adding character and keeping with the tradition of artisan tequila craftsmanship. Upon the completion of the distillation process we age our Blue Weber Agave juice in White Oak Barrels that housed 7 year aged Jack Daniels whiskey. These barrels impart the perfect flavors and natural coloring of Wansas aged tequila. The result is a delicious juice that connects our consumers with our distiller’s ancient and painstaking mastery in the art of making the world’s finest tequilas.


Wansas Tequila Availability 

Wansas is available at Allium in the Four Seasons, BanderaBlack Bull, Bull and Bear, Bureau Bar, Doc B’s, Frankie’s in the 900 N. Michigan Avenue Shops, Giordano’s, all Mariano’s Fresh MarketsPark Grill, Pl-zen, Siena Tavern, Sophie’s in Saks 5th Avenue, Spiaggia and Studio Paris.

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