Style Trends for Fall from BBJ Linen

AE5_5763Metallics are taking over tablescape designs this year and it couldn’t be more mesmerizing! Metallic hues are bold and beautiful and can be incorporated into almost everything – especially event tables. If you should decide to explore your own gorgeous metallic table design, here are some tips that will add that certain glow to your event.

AE5_5775Halos are heavenly! Throughout the ages halos have been seen as a circle of light surrounding the sun or moon, and are found in many beautiful hues. The BBJ Linen Halo line encompasses all this ethereal beauty and heightens its magnificence with the amazing colors offered for your next event. The Blue Halo is a combination of a midnight metallic blue interwoven with a stone-ivory matte threading. Fabricated to be reversible, be sure to notice the fine design within both sides of this marvelous textile for your next fete. Use one color, mix both sides, or combine with the coordinating Côtier line. The possibilities are endless. Who says beauty and practicality can’t be a marriage made in heaven?

To create an even more impressive event, consider coordinating the Halo line with BBJ’s Côtier to create a geometric dream and metallic memories for every guest. French for along the coast, Côtier defines the luxurious lines at BBJ. With a lavish, sumptuous texture and hues that are the perfect backdrop for any event, you will simply find no other fabric that will match this textile. The Champagne Côtier is a soft cream-taupe-golden hue, which is interwoven with just a hint of black to create an amazing ripple effect.

But don’t stop there! Let your imagination run wild. Although each item in the Halo Line has a companion Côtier, they may be mixed and matched to create almost endless possibilities. Take your guests on a stunning adventure through a myriad of color offerings that are sure to add a perfect foundation to your celebration.

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