The Year of Beer

Rise in the Chicago Beer Scene

Statistics from the Brewer's Association (
Statistics from the Brewer’s Association (

As Chicago continues to rise in the culinary scene (according to the City of Chicago there are currently over 7,300 restaurants), beverages have met the challenge.  The past 5 years has seen a great surge in craft beers and breweries in Illinois.  According to the Brewer’s Association there are 103 craft breweries in Illinois alone, as defined in the graphic.  (This information is available for every state if you go to their website.)

Knowing your beers is essential, especially if you work in hospitality.  This article is meant to help you check out new breweries, find out where you can learn about beer and while you don’t necessarily have to become a certified cicerone, hopefully you will be able to speak more knowledgeably on the subject.

Find Breweries

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Illinois Craft Brewer’s Guild Beer Map (Click the image to be taken to the website)

Wikipedia provides a long list of breweries in Illinois too.

Visit to see their suggested Top 10 Brew Pubs in Northern Illinois

Beer Advocate has a very helpful guide which also includes addresses for all of the breweries.

TimeOut Chicago includes some info on breweries and their tours.

Learn About Beer

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