Winter Beverage: Mulled Wine


My first experience with mulled wine was while studying abroad in Italy.  My school was based in Rome but a friend and I had taken a weekend trip to Venice in November.  Coming from a dry household I, unlike basically every other college kid, was not a huge drinker.  However, mulled wine was the best thing I’d experienced in terms of alcoholic beverages by a land slide.  It’s one of the most popular drinks served at the Christkindlmarket every year in Chicago.  (Just look at the lines to get a specialty mug of that tasty stuff).  What is so perfect about mulled wine is that it’s more than just a great red wine.  It has those home-y, winter spices that warms you immediately and makes you want to crawl into a Snuggie, read a book, or get another mug of mulled wine.  It is very popular during the holidays and makes the perfect winter beverage.  So why drink it at the end of February?  Because it’s February in Chicago.  Mulled Wine tastes like hope in a glass.  It’s still freezing and it’s hard to say when it won’t be.  So make the most of the freezing weather and give yourself an enjoyable activity by making some mulled wine at home with you and whatever 1-3 other people you are willing to see in this weather.

Here are some great recipes! (Click the images)

Mulled Wine from Jamie Oliver
Mulled Wine from Jamie Oliver
German Style Mulled Wine from Chow
Mulled Wine from Gimme Some Oven
Mulled Wine from Gimme Some Oven

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