Easy DIY Juice Bar (Nonalcoholic Drink Options)

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Many events include alcoholic beverages, but is important to be able to offer non-alcoholic options. I was recently at an event where I saw an incredibly impressive non-alcoholic juice bar. It’s not something that you see often, but I think it would be great if you did. What struck me about this particular set up was that the non-alcoholic beverages felt just as dressed up and luxurious as the cocktails and champagne.

Depending on the time of day or demographic of your guests, providing alcohol is not always appropriate. Setting up a beautiful beverage station that offers more than water and soda shows creativity and an ability to accommodate all guests and event situations.


Deciding a Beverage Style

A proper juice station will be defined by the season. Fresh ingredients are key, so start with a notion of what fruits and vegetables are in season and then aim to pair your beverages with the food menu, the same as you would with wines, beers or cocktails. So for example, if you are serving light and refreshing appetizers in spring or summer, offer sparkling cucumber water or a berry lemonade. Going with more savory, warm selections for fall or winter? Consider a warm cider or a non-alcoholic fall shrub.

Glasses Of Drink With Ice Cubes And Fruits On White Background


True opulence is in the details. Select an assortment of beautiful fruits and vegetables that will complement your selections such as blueberries, strawberries, orange slices, lemons, limes, cucumber, mint and even cinnamon sticks in the fall.

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