Caterer of the Month: Cappuccino Catering with CCI Presents

Our Caterer of the Month is CCI Presents.  What makes them interesting is the vast array of beverages they offer in addition to the unique and beautiful presentations of their offerings.  When I first saw this company at a Choose Chicago event, I was blown away by the variety and also how attractive their beverages were.  There are lots of catering companies in this city, but there are few so dedicated to beverages.  Being a craft food and beverage city, variety and options are important, especially if you want to impress your guests.  It’s getting to be that time of year where we are excited for summer, but also, as planners having to look at events for fall and even holiday season.  CCI Presents is a great catering company to look at when wanting to create a different and fun experience for a breakfast or lunch – especially clients who are used to nothing but the same coffee and boiled water for tea.

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For over 17 years, CCI Presents has been the top industry provider of specialty catering services. Not only are their options unique but they offer customized hospitality solutions at events and trade shows throughout the country.

CCIPresents-PastryCCI Presents offers cappuccino service unlike anything you’ve ever seen including a variety of stylized beverages, perfect for any breakfast or lunch event.  The immense variety of beverages leaves nothing to be wanted, especially if you are looking for a vast array of delicious, non-alcoholic beverages. Choose from great options including Espressos, French Press Coffees, Tea, Smoothies, Fresh Juice, Blended Beverages,  and classic foods like Frozen Yogurt, Pastries, and Pancakes.

Ideal catering for all occasions, CCI Presents catering can handle a simple breakfast event but can handle any size group.  They regularly serves 20,000+ guests during trade shows.

Here is a bit more detail about the types of beverages they offer:


Ornate or modern espresso machines take their sustainably sourced and ground to order Crop to Cup® beans and create expertly expelled espresso for Cappuccinos, Americanos and Café Lattes.

Specialty drinks are designed to accommodate any theme with gourmet syrups. Always included are Italian hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, raspberry and sugar-free vanilla syrups. Upgrades include tea service, freshly brewed or cold-pressed coffee, and hot chocolate.


CCIPresents-SmoothieThe virtually silent “stealth” blenders expertly create ethereal smoothies. There are endless flavor options but classic favorites include strawberry, mango, passion fruit, and butternut squash.


People always enjoy a refreshing icy drink. Orange Creamsicle, vanilla latte and pumpkin spice are just the tip of this delicious flavor iceberg.

A touch of whipped cream, caramel or chocolate drizzle and paper straw can complete your ideal drink.


Blooming, herbal or loose leaf teas are prepared with water warmed to the perfect temperature to extract maximum flavor.  Served in individual infusers or exotic wooden cases, our tea service can be an upgrade to any of the above experiences or as a stand-alone service.  Options include rock candy swizzle sticks and artesian honey.


It doesn’t have to be fall to enjoy a tart glass of cider with cinnamon stick garnish. This service is refreshing and nourishing with smells to entice everyone.


White, dark, milk or spicy Mexican, hot chocolate station is a kiss in a cup. Peppermint stick garnish? Chocolate whipped cream? Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities for this fun and interactive drink experience.


Artisanal sodas are trendy and allow for unlimited flavor combinations.

CCI Presents offers clients the ability to customize any service to fit their location, color scheme, season and of course budget.

If interested in booking?  Email: or Call: 847-674-7005


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