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(And why you may love it more than a hotel)

Home Away from Home

Liz Klafeta, “Boss Lady”

When Airbnb started, they introduced a concept that has been around since the beginning of civilization: staying in someone else’s home.  In modern times, hotels have long been the standard for travelers.  Back in 2012, my best friend and I went on a trip to Boston.  Staying in an apartment rather than a hotel wasn’t quite trendy yet but my friend found one at a better price and to my own surprise I loved it.   And clearly, I’m not the only one. The concept of staying somewhere that felt like it could be home has become the new upgraded experience.  And in comes BANGTEL.



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It’s not a hotel, but it’s not someone’s spare bedroom either.  All of their spaces are designed by the the company’s owner Liz, who has over 10 years of wardrobe and prop styling experience.  She and her team create fun and unique spaces all throughout the city including areas such as the Gold Coast, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, West Town & Wrigleyville.  Guests will find an eclectic mix of custom, high-end and found objects in each BANGTEL space.  Like an apartment, they provide a comfortable, homey and well-designed environment.  Like a hotel, they provide considerable amenities & concierge services from getting your groceries to walking your dog.  You can book online or call.  It’s literally as little or as much interaction with a human as you want.

With short and long term stay options, BANGTEL has revolutionized the beauty of choice.  You decide how much privacy or interaction you want to have.  Being that these are all private locations, they appeal to celebrities, busy professionals or anyone who appreciates the quiet and privacy of a completely autonomous space.  You can cook in the kitchen or order delivery.  You can host friends on the deck or work through dinner at the dining room table.  For those who do appreciate the little things, BANGTEL will even provide turn down service.  Your experience is completely customizable.  You have the choice: it’s your space and your preferences for as little or as long as you want it.


In addition to a customized long or short term experience, BANGTEL also provides a unqiue event space.  From chef-inspired dinner parties to album release parties to an intimate networking event, the BANGTEL locations provide a new and unique style in event hosting.  The home-style settings mean that guests can even stay overnight, rather than trying to make it home and BANGTEL staff will even help you clean up the next day!

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Not only does this genius team do great renovations on places for visitors, they will help you revamp your home with fun designs or help you stage your home if you’re ready to sell.  Check out these awesome before and after photos for Curtis Potter’s Kitchen (Head Creative Director of CB2) and from their Lakeview location:

Curtis Potter’s Kitchen – Before & After


Lakeview Location Before & After





Love what you see?  You don’t have to stay at a BANGTEL to have the look.   Almost anything they use to decorate with you can buy in their retail shop online.  BANGTEL works with local artists and businesses to create spaces that are truly unique to Chicago.  Nearly anything they use in their decor, you can use too.  I think this is a fun idea that adds to the “treat it like your house” concept they have created.

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Want to stay at a Bangtel location or reach out about an event?  Visit their website:

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