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Growing up I drank tons of pop (or soda depending on where you’re from).   I like the sugar and the fizzy feeling.  But I’ve read so much about people losing anywhere from 5-30lbs in a year simply from cutting out sugary, canned soda beverages. Not to mention, all that sugar is not good for your skin.  I’m all about easy, little changes, and now I only drink sparkling or soda water during the day.  I still get all of the fun fizz but without the added sugar and if you compare costs, sparkling water isn’t really any more expensive than a can of Coke (which I only allow myself now and then as a treat).  If I need some flavor in my water, I add citrus – usually lemon but sometimes lime or even orange.

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Infused water is all the rage these days.  Fresh mint leaves, cucumber, or even unsweetened black teas are all great ways to add freshness and flavor without calories.   I used to work at an establishment with a soda gun, so at first it was a challenge but I’ve been doing it for most of the year and I notice the difference.  Unfortunately I probably eat the difference in calories (working on that) but I can tell the difference in my skin and the way that I feel by incorporating more water in my life.

I also make sure I drink a full glass of water/soda water before or after morning coffee and then again with lunch.  I also make sure to drink plenty of water if I’m drinking alcohol – even if it’s just a cocktail or 2.  I try to keep it a 1:1 ratio, but definitely 1 glass of water per 2 alcoholic beverages.  Even if I have a nice glass of wine in the evening, I aim to complement it with a glass of sparkling.

My Favorite Sparkling Waters

Trader Joe’s Sparkling Water (also comes in flavors)

San Pellegrino

Perrier Lemon


What do you drink to stay healthy and hydrated?

— Jessica Dalka

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