“How to Host a Holiday Party In Your Home” Class Review

Our “How to Host a Holiday Party in Your Home” Class at Plum Market was a great success!  Everyone had a wonderful time while enjoying some delicious drinks.  Certified Bartender & Mixologist Zachary Johnson (on Instagram @ChicagoBartender | Twitter: @ChicagoMixology) taught us how to make amazing cocktails including, the classic Old Fashioned, the French 75 (a twist on a Tom Collins) and a Tequila Sunrise.


From the liquor must-haves to how to properly prepare garnishes and reminding us to have LOTS of ice, Zachary taught us how to have the ideal home bar set up.

Zachary Johnson, Certified Bartender & Mixologist

Plum Market’s Wine Buyer, Advanced Sommelier Anthony Minne,  went over dos and don’ts for wine purchasing and let us try some great wines, all available at Plum Market for under $20:

Bortolotti Brut Prosecco (Valdobbiandene, Italy)

We learned that unless Prosecco directly has “brut” listed on the label, it will be sweeter.  Because this Prosecco is on the dryer side it goes well with a wide variety of foods including cheese (again, cheese tray), seafood, and desserts.

2014 Tement Sauvignon Blanc (Styria, Austria)

Austria tends not to be the first place that comes to mind when you think of Sauvignon Blanc, but this one was delicious!  The cooler climate of Austria gives the grapes a great, crisp acidity with citrus flavors that cut through the cheese and fat well.

2014 Domaine Dupeuble Beaujolais (France)

Beaujolais grapes are relatives to Pinot Noir.  The soft, delicious wine was is fruit forward yet spicy and savory.  This was definitely a class favorite by all of the nods of approval in the room after tasting it.

2014 Felino Cabernet Sauvignon (Mendoza Argentina)

One of Napa’s most famous winemakers, Paul Hobbs, is behind this gorgeous Argentinian wine.  Traditional to a cabernet this wine has the tanins (that feeling dry feeling on your tongue) but also has a nice balance of acidity which helps it work with food and not be too overpowering.

Delicious platters were available to enjoy as Plum Market’s Store Leader Brad went over the tasty facts about their catering options.  You can add to the meal your already making with some tasty appetizer platters (their homemade hummus is great!) or you can order the whole meal.

Sad you missed the party?  Download our notes including recipes for cocktails & homemade grenadine and be sure to join us at our next event!



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