Build Up Your Resources: Add V.I.P. Valet Services to Your Vendor List

There are many aspects to planning events, and some are more obvious than others.  But what sets good planners apart from the best planners is the ability to manage and be prepared for more than just the space, food, music and decor.

The best planners know that in order to be able to successfully run flawless events, you have to have access to resources which include a wide variety of skilled vendors who have the ability to help you cover everything your client could possibly need.

Especially in Chicago, orchestrating parking, coat check and transportation is an essential piece to creating a wonderful and lasting first and last impression to any event.   Whether you are looking to add valet parking, safely managing your on-site event traffic, or even attempting the difficult waters of acquiring special city permits, it’s all possible with the right team to help you.

V.I.P. Valet Services has thought of more than just parking, and can also help with additional needs like coat check, registration staff, bathroom attendants, luggage assistance, security, bus transfers (ranging from mini buses to full coaches, trolleys, limos and town cars) and even antique and exotic cars.

For example, did you know that Chicago recently implemented a law that requires a security guard on every bus that is taking guests to a destination that is licensed to sell alcohol?  As a planner you have to ensure details like these are taken care of for your client, and that you know to adhere to laws such as these. Because of the varied services offered, if you’ve already booked transit, V.I.P. Valet Services can assist you with the security portion.

The best planners know that part of flawless event execution means presenting your needs to a partner and being offered solutions.  If you are bidding on an event, it’s important to be able to provide a full, clear picture of what you can do. Clients want to know you have already thought of all the things they haven’t, particularly if they themselves are not local.  Being able to include full details along with wow factor options is what will set your proposal apart.  Great vendors allow you to share your ideas, and can help you come up with the best ideas to impress your clients like the sample below:

Day 1

  • Guest shuttle from airport with greeters and airport assistance (including town cars for VIPs and Sprinter vans for smaller groups)

Day 2

Introduction to the Chicago: 

  • Private museum tours with coach bus transfers to a classic Chicago lunch spot

Day 3

Client Event

  • Warehouse Buyout
  • Coach Buses for checked-in guests to the event
  • Valet parking for guests who drive, with outdoor directional assistance
  • Coat check on-site
  • Luxury car pick up for C-Suite executives and top tier clients

At Chicago Planner Magazine, our goal is to educate planners and we are proud to partner with great service providers like V.I.P. Valet because we are planners, and know how much easier good partners make a tough job.

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