How To Keep Planning Your Wedding During COVID-19

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Getting engaged should be one of the most exciting times in your life. But the global pandemic known as COVID-19 has taken much of the celebratory joy away for many couples who are unsure of how to move forward. Rest assured, it is still an exciting time, and to help you plan, here are a few tips to keep in mind during the process.

If You Want to Get Married This Year, Be Open To Weekdays in the Fall or Winter

While some couples have chosen to get married without the fanfare, many others are trying to push back their dates. If you have a planner, be sure to work with them on moving any deposits and sorting out the details with your venue and vendors. Most companies want to keep your business and can be flexible.

Events of all kinds are being pushed until later this year, if not cancelled altogether. Depending on when stay-in-place orders are lifted, it is expected that events may start popping back up in October. If you really want to get married this year be open to a weekday (many venues are most flexible Sun-Wed), and consider a different time of day. Sunday brunch, Monday dinner, even a Tuesday lunch. This may also help you save a little money on top of ensuring your wedding happens this year.

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Aim For a Smaller Guest List

Times are uncertain and no one knows how long this will last – I’ve seen projections into 2021, globally. For now, it is not a bad idea to plan on 50 or less guests. This may also give you a bit more flexibility for venues and dates while being considerate of vulnerable guests.

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Still Plan That Destination Wedding

Depending on when your original wedding date is, and if you are looking for a domestic or international destination, you may still be in luck. Most destination weddings are smaller than local weddings, and while you will want to be aware of local laws and guidelines, plan on pushing your date out into 2021, but you don’t have to drop your destination of choice.

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Organize & Negotiate Now

It may not feel like the right time to be planning, but it actually is. If you haven’t laid out your details yet, get to it, and reach out to the companies you want to work with.

While some companies are temporarily closed, many of them still have a contact person in the interim. By booking now, you can likely help smaller businesses stay afloat with your deposit, and get ahead of others who are waiting for things to settle down and open back up before they try to get their preferred dates and services.

If you are working from home, the privacy will allow you to make a few phone calls during businesses hours and get organized. As a planner, I have found it can be very difficult for couples to find time to do anything during standard business hours. There’s a bit of freedom and flexibility that comes with this down time, and you can potentially use this to your advantage.

Some businesses may even be able to help you stay within your budget and may be flexible with potential upgrades or discounts to secure business.

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Ease Your Reliance on Family & Friends

If friends or family members have offered to help you with certain aspects of your wedding, don’t expect they will be in the same place you are and readily available to assist you during this time. If you are lucky, you are safe at home during this crisis, but that is not the case for everyone. The pandemic has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people, and millions of lost jobs and you may not know the full details of everyone’s situation or those within their circles who are being affected. So be patient and kind to everyone you are working with – remember, love is the reason for everything you’re doing!

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