Welcome Back, Chicago

Dear Industry Professionals:

As the Creator of Chicago Planner Magazine, I am excited to welcome you all back.

On Friday, June 11, 2021, Mayor Lightfoot announced that Chicago would officially be fully reopened.  With vaccinations well-distributed, and summer warmth in full swing, it was very exciting news.  But we must also acknowledge that after 15 months of a world-wide pandemic resulting in lost revenue for businesses, lost lives of more than 600,000 Americans, a reduction in over a million women in the workforce and a societal disruption unlike anything in modern history, getting “back to normal” is easier said than done.

You’ve probably noticed Chicago Planner Magazine has been pretty quiet for about a year.  To be straightforward, it was too heartbreaking to report all of the closings when so many of our wonderful restaurants, hotels, and venues were shuttering, and events and hospitality professionals were running out of work.  Chicago Planner may have kept a low profile, but never lost sight of our love for events, even in a world that is still grappling with the best way forward.

As Chicago Planner Magazine returns, I want to update you on some of the changes being made and what to expect coming ahead. 

This will remain the place you can come to learn about new venues, to hear about networking events, and of course you can expect that monthly email with the list of what’s going on for the month, starting back up for July 2021.  

Just Articles

Despite the name, Chicago Planner Magazine will no longer issue the quarterly digital magazine, but will instead focus on regular website posts to immediately provide you with great information about the events and hospitality industry, Chicago and beyond.

Submissions & Features

CPM still wants to hear from you!  Improvements are being made to the submissions page to make it easier for you to share updates about your business with us, including our 2021 Editorial Calendar with submission deadlines.

We’re More Social Now 

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for a diversified amount of content, including local specials, updates and more.  If you or your business have something to share on our socials, visit the submissions page.

Live Events 

As of now, live events are on hold, with a hope to return at some point next year.

Promotional Opportunities & Sponsorship

We have updated our advertising and promotional offerings and are excited about getting creative to work together and help our audience best understand what you’re up to!

Communication & Feedback

Chicago Planner Magazine’s goal remains to be a resource to help you grow your business, connect with others and learn to be the best events/hospitality professional you can be, which is only possible through listening and learning from you.  So let’s talk!

Have a pandemic success story, or something exciting in the works? Email us at info@chicagoplannermagazine.com.  We always welcome any feedback, questions, comments or tips that will help us improve.

Thank you for continuing to read Chicago Planner Magazine, and for letting us be a part of your events and hospitality career.


Jessica Dalka

Creator of Chicago Planner Magazine

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