AI Headshots Don’t Have to Ruin Your Photography Business

Photo via DailyDot

Kelly Baums is one of many TikTokers talking about AI generated headshots. This conversation quickly has professional photographers following with “I’m worried.” But the reality is that the person who is only spending around $20 on these headshots was never going to pay hundreds of dollars or more for a professional human photographer.

The great thing about the internet is the ability to provide access to those who wouldn’t normally get something, and social media only amplifies that. Someone who may have really wanted a new headshot, but couldn’t afford it (especially in these times of tech layoffs), now has the option for something fresh that can help them put their best foot forward.

Businesses and professionals who can afford it are STILL going to pay photographers for headshots

How to be sure?

Because companies want continuity, the ability to brand. People want stylization and the ability to choose their looks or do something they fit feels who they are. You can’t get that with randomly generated images.

And all of those points are ESPECIALLY true when it comes to events. CPM did an event with Universal Standard for their work wear event and we hired Dan Merlo of Merlo Media to take professional headshots at the event. It was a great time, and people came just for the headshots. Good photography will always been needed in the working world, even if there are adaptations.

So don’t worry! Continue to be creative. Think about what people will still need, and find ways to embrace new technology.

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