Make Chicago Your City for Destination Weddings

I’m not married nor have I ever been, but I have friends & acquaintances in the process.  For most young women, the notion isn’t far away.  (As a huge Disney films fan, I say they started it.)  Most people think about their ideal wedding long before they’re ever married.  The more I see the process, the more I think “Destination Wedding!”  It gives you a vacation and a wedding all in one while making a good excuse for keeping the guest list light and details minimal.  Sorry, Mom, but with the flights and hotels, we really can’t afford to invite all of you & Grandma’s friends.  Bam. Done.
Exotic or foreign locations seem to be the idea — Monaco, Bahamas, anywhere warm and beachy.  The other factor that comes into play, however, that I’ve noted the most amongst people I know is money.  The great news is that in this day & age, wedding creativity is far more appreciated than it used to be.  A destination wedding doesn’t have to be exotically expensive it just has to be somewhere else.  Cue Chicago.
Botanical Gardens



The Chicago Public Library
Lincoln Park Zoo

If you’re not from here, there’s a lot to do.  From Navy Pier to the Sears (fine, Willis) Tower there are plenty of sights to be seen.  What’s even better is if you come in the summer when it’s warm we have a beautiful lake (less salty than an ocean!) and incredible venues including Lincoln Park Zoo which has the beautiful Cafe Brauer, The Botanical Gardens, The Art Institute, and even the top of the Chicago Public Library downtown.  Phil Stephani Restaurants has a great list of the venues to check out.

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