Technology from the Developers of the 2012 Obama Campaign

Monday evening I was lucky enough to attend a videotaped panel session hosted by New Relic, an applications performance monitoring website.  It was pretty techy and a little over my head at times, but it was also interesting to hear how technology is changing the game of business and politics.  What does this have to do with event planning, you ask?  Well that’s up to you.  I got a chance to meet some great people who explained to me that they are actually quite happy to talk to the non-techy folk of the business world.  “We get caught in the techy side of things,” one new friend explained to me “and we make things to fix technology problems but we like to hear from people like you who are outside of the tech world who can help us develop things to solve business problems.”  So there you have it.  Broadening your horizons into other industries (as mentioned in my earlier post, How To Be a Creative Event Planner) is important not just for you but for everyone.  So with this in mind, I am excited to dive into a world full of really smart people with amazing skillsets and brave worrying about my lack of knowledge for a much better abundance of opportunity.  So in case you’re not feeling terribly inspired from that perspective, here at least are some points that I learned from this event (which I found on

The Obama Campaign’s Usage of Technology & Applications Represents a Great Cultural Shift.

“It All Goes Back to Solid Fundamentals”

Operational Efficiency  creates an enormous advantage

Tracking Your Steps for Next Time

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