Spring Fashion 2016 & Wardrobe Essentials with Trunk Club Stylist Tiara Perry


Perhaps you have heard of Trunk Club or perhaps you have not.  A few years back I’d come across a few sorority-like girls at a networking event who told me they helped pick out clothes for higher end clients, men only.  They said they worked at Trunk Club. It sounded like a fun name but definitely not relevant to me or my line of work.  Or so their interactions implied.  Now fast forward to a few weeks ago.  I was contacted by Tiara, a stylist for Trunk Club, who explained that she was new to the city and felt my experience would make me a perfect person for her to meet.  Based on my previous interactions, I didn’t quite know how that would be but she was so friendly and polite I agreed to coffee anyway.

What a 180.

I was completely blown away by her mix of fun and professionalism.  She wore a fabulous yet appropriate outfit to an 8am coffee meeting.  Her real-life, genuine fashion experience –  including working backstage at the runways in Milan – was nothing short of impressive.  She told me that not only does Trunk Club appeal to a larger audience than I once thought, but they are now working with women through their partnership with Nordstrom.  She invited me to the Clubhouse where at 6:30PM on a weekday I could not believe how packed the floor was with guests at the bar and stylists running about.  My entire sight line was filled with men getting tailored or styled – and that was just one floor.

The space was electric and exciting!  I  was instantly convinced that having someone dynamic and knowledgable about fashion pick out clothes for me was a great idea.  I think it’s an interesting concept because I never thought I dressed badly – at least not when I cared about what I looked like – but meeting someone like Tiara showed me that it’s not just about dressing “bad or good.”  It’s like getting a second opinion from a doctor – there’s value in someone else’s experience and knowledge that perhaps you just didn’t think of before.  Therefore I am thrilled that she is working with Chicago Planner Magazine for this Spring Fashion Feature, giving us the essentials every woman needs for her wardrobe.



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Black and white is the foundation of a wardrobe.  It is chic, classic, timeless AND season-less!  Having a few well-made, staple items in your wardrobe that you can build upon is essential.  Below I have selected samples of basic items that complement most body types and are perfect when building a new wardrobe.  Once you have these items, you can easily dress them up or down to fit the trends and the seasons.


Cream Blazer by Alexander Wang, $480*



White and Black items are so great because while they are classic items, they can still be used non-traditionally.  I suggest a cream blazer because it is a replacement of the traditional black blazer which most women gravitate towards. This is a refreshing boost for Spring and will lighten any look, whether paired with a dress, skirt, or pants.


Pair a Classic Look with Something Trendy! St. John White Winter Blouse (with Bow) $495, Roving Fringe Vest by Rebecca Taylor $270 *

The white sleeveless, classic button up blouse is relative to the upcoming season and can be worn with a layering piece. This gives you the option to show off those shoulders in the fresh spring sun or keep them warm at the office.

Tibi Crochet Knit $325, paired with Theory White Short Sleeve Blouse $225 *

The crochet knit is a spring/summer seasonal item, with a modern silhouette. It can be worn with almost anything and will even help conceal the mid section.




Black Leather Vegetal Skirt by Rebecca Taylor $350, Rag & Bone Backpack $595, Theory Black Leather Leggings $995 **

Leather is the new denim so treat it as such and wear it with everything!  The black leather leggings, skirt, and backpack are all staple pieces that you can build on and intermix with other trendy items in your wardrobe.  Black is always a safe start but also a destination color.

White Cropped Elie Tahari Pants $178, Theory White Short Sleeve Button Up Blouse $225, Stuart Weitzman Black Pumps $250, and Rag & Bone Backpack $595 **
White cropped pants are this season’s go to and can be worn with anything. Most women tend to wear white denim, so white cropped pants are a bit of an update.



Jimmy Choo Nude Pump, Diane von Furstenberg Black Heel,  Stuart Weitzman Black Pump **

There are a few basics heels every girl should have: black and nude pumps in basic or patent leather.  These classic pumps will pair with nearly any outfit.  You can even get a fun pair of sandals for summer with a thicker heel if you want more support.

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Keep in mind, these looks are just the beginning!  You can get creative and pair any of these items with something trendy, fun or just something you really love.  I love dressing people and I’m always happy to help you get out of your comfort zone and be creative with your look!

*Photo by Jessica Dalka  – **Photo by Tiara Perry


Tiara Perry, Trunk Club Stylist *

Tiara is from Cleveland Ohio and came to Chicago where she studied Fashion Marketing Management at the Illinois Institute of Art.  She has modeled, worked backstage in Milan during fashion week and has managed high-end retail in New York, Japan and San Francisco. She recently moved back to Chicago from San Francisco and is now a stylist for Trunk Club.  She loves dressing people and making them feel good about themselves because she believes that when you look good, you feel good, and the result of it all is even better!

If you want to work with Tiara, go online to trunkclub.com/tiara or email her at tiara@trunkclub.com


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